After the Oregon School Shooting and Coverage, the Question I Hesitate to Ask

Not sure I should ask this question, but…

Friday I heard some coverage of the Oregon school shooter.

(No, I don’t want to name him either, Sheriff Hanlin. Or see him, or read a warped manifesto. Why give evil a stage?) I also read, Sheriff, you obstinately insisted earlier, after Sandy Hook, you would not enforce more strict gun laws, such as universal background checks. (Oath Keepers? Oath to whom?)

Also:Red Assault Rifle

  • I saw that the shooter asked victims if they were Christians, and if they said “yes”, he shot them in the head, instead of the legs.
  • I heard Glenn Beck railing against people who argue for gun control.
  • I heard Rush Limbaugh revving up the faithful – usually his conservative R’s – with the usual pro-gun, pro-gunster bumper-sticker arguments, and – as is his talent – forcefully, eloquently, but somewhat venomously and truth-bending-ly. Certainly his gun-worshiping ditto-heads absorbed, and locked and loaded, his preaching ammo.

Stand and Fight? Fight for whom? For gun manufacturers? Gun dealers? Lobbyists? The NRA? For even more gun sales? Again? Really? Leading to even more school / movie / mall / street / road / home shootings? And no, contrary to the line we’re fed by some, more guns mean more gun violence, not less. Fight for more hate-filled loners (like the recent SC, VA, OR losers) to be free to buy AR-15’s and other lethal weapons to be free to efficiently carry out their hate? And no, I don’t mean you who are reading this, but in America, gunfire rains on the just and the unjust, on the angry and the innocent. It affects us all, and the most basic rights of all – to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Some questions:

  • Who internalizes then spills diatribes of hatred?
  • Who selects innocent people for murder based on their faith in God?
  • Who eloquently preaches for the spread of the tools of killing?
  • Who worships man’s laws (2nd Amendment) above God’s (5th Commandment)
  • Who puts their own hobby, or fears, or greed, or politics above God’s commands, including Thou Shalt Not Kill? (And does this commandment extend to promoting and spreading unchecked the tools of killing?)
  • Who rebukes lawful authority for their own fringe political preferences?
  • Who gives evil a prominent stage?
  • Who glorifies violence via entertainment?
  • Who kills a helpless child in a womb?
  • Who rails at helping feed the hungry or sheltering the homeless?
  • Who does this and claims to be a sincere member of a nation of believers, or of a Christian nation, or of a God-fearing nation? Or even simply of a humane nation?
  • Who claims God’s blessings?

And, my question I hesitate to ask, but must:

Is it possible, in addition to bursts, there are slow-motion train-wreck deliveries of evil?

– Jerry Guzi

IMG_6112_MIND 25

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