The Big Deal: Direction of the Country

Is America on the right track? Most people, at least most independents, think we’re not.

“God Bless America”. Really? Why?

We exclude Him from public places, discourse, schools, and even political platforms. (Almost, anyway. Remember? Out. Vote to put back in. Nay!!! “The Ayes have it” – back in anyway. “Boooo!” Remember?)

We found a new and improved definition for marriage. Same-sex marriage. (No offense to Will and Grace, Glee, and other lifestyle-lobbying entertainment.)

We found a better way to stop that inconvenient child-in-the-womb thing. Some say kill. Some say it euphemistically. OK, terminate.

We’ve jettisoned Freedom of Religion, one of the (former?) basic tenets of our nation’s founding, and of our constitution. In favor of kowtowing to a special interest group’s preferred free stuff. (And that’s what’s really important.)

(Now, stick with me, don’t go all Deophobic on me.)

We worship at an altar of Faux Moralities.

  • Right to choose? (Or right to kill a child in my womb?) How can anyone promote abortion, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, non-violence, and peace at the same time?
  • “God-given” right to own guns? (“God-given”? Really? God bless our assault rifles?)
  • Right to “marry” who/what gender we choose?

In our world of Faux Moralities, give me my “rights”, any and all rights, and license, I want. If you don’t, you are biased, prejudiced, immoral.

Right to kill in pre-emptive war(s)? Neocons hornswoggled the U.S. into this philosophy of war-making. We will have to be right 1,000 out of 1,000 times. 0 for 1. Damn.

With America headed for the fiscal mismanagement cliff, unchecked immigration flooding our country and our services, a gridlocked congress, a broken political system (R’s and D’s, and us, to blame), a who’s-in-charge security tragedy in Benghazi, with possible cover-up;

With a polarized citizenry, fanned into opposite camps, gimme-gimme-gimme whining for free birth control and abortion pills paid by someone else, other entitlements growing into paid-for expectations, growing into a creeping socialism; and political bases more loyal to their own ideology than to our country;

It might be time for a change of direction.

My Catholic tradition’s teaching is adamant about being FOR life, from conception to end. It is also a great force for caring for the poor. But WE need to care for the poor. We don’t need to hand it off to someone else, to an inefficient, overpaid, inattentive Robbing-Hood. We all need to share our blessings and care for the poor. We cannot and should not shirk this moral obligation by expecting someone else to do it. We are all Americans. Government has its role, but we cannot slough this off onto a bureaucracy. And, for those adamant about paying lower taxes: We benefit from living and working in the greatest country in the world. We cannot let charity begin, and end, at home. Our home for work and charity is America, and for all Americans. But we need to do it, not assign it to, or have it taken by government.

We need to find the way to work together: Work. Pay more taxes, receive less entitlement. Sacrifice. Volunteer. Pay our own way. Cooperate in congress. Even cooperate on cable TV news and talk radio. (Good luck with that.) We have much to figure out, a lot of work to do to work and build together and care for each other.

What to do?

Romney reminds me in some ways of Hillary Clinton. A somewhat awkward campaigner, middling in likeability. But highly intelligent, a terrific public servant, and extremely competent. I like the husband-father- faith-filled – Olympic-organizer – moderate Governor Romney.

A TV analyst once derisively said Mitt Romney acts like a boss.

We need a boss in Washington.

We need to profusely thank President Obama for a job well-done. (I mean that.)

But, going forward, we need to hire Mitt Romney as our new boss in Washington.

-Jerry Guzi

Since 1988, Guzi voted Republican 3 times and Democratic 3 times for presidential candidates.

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